From D Eaton in 2021: 
The appraiser was knowledgeable and very helpful.

Ashley E. in 2021:
I had a great experience with astute appraisals.  They were super responsive, let me know the approximate timeline, and provided a detailed appraisal report and followed up afterword to see if I had any questions.  I would absolutely use them again.  They are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

From The Bells in 2017: 
We were waiting three weeks for our appraisal report as a borrower who had the appraisal ordered through our lender. Everyone (lender, seller, etc.) seemed to be pointing fingers at Wayne for this 3-week delay, but after speaking with the appraisal management company who hired Wayne, I learned that Wayne did the best he could with our poor choice of lender, speaking from the perspective of the lender's poor communication skills with us. There were also delays caused by the sales representative of our property who was out of the office during the critical time that Wayne needed information from him. Thus, this delay was not Wayne's fault (although I was originally led to believe that it was and must apologize for leaving a poor initial review). The appraisal management company assured me that Wayne was very prompt with everything as far as he could control. As a dedicated appraiser, Wayne did an excellent job with his report, and he is very knowledgeable and competent. I would definitely hire him if I ever needed to appraise any real estate that I own, and I suggest that you hire him too!